International Society for Comparative Adult Education

Conference "Comparative Adult Education 2012"

The 5th Conference of ISCAE took place November 3-6, 2012 in Las Vegas, USA
in conjunction with the Commission for International Adult Education (CIAE), and
the annual conference of the
American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE).

Comparison means to explicitly identify and analyze similarities and differences in two or more countries and includes the attempt to understand why the differences and similarities occur and what they tell us about adult education in these countries.
The aim of this conference was to provide a forum to collect, share, and discuss practices, concepts, evaluation, and research studies. By this we want
- to document and develop the actual knowledge about comparative research and
- to improve theory and practice in the education of adults.


  • Alajlan Sarah, SAUDI ARABIA
  • Aljohani Obaidalah, SAUDI ARABIA
  • Avoseh Mejai, Vermillion, USA
  • Boucouvalas Marcie, Falls Church VA, USA
  • Bron Michal, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  • Brooks Ann, Texas State University, USA
  • Buckner Marjean, Palmetto Bay FL, USA
  • Charters Alexander, Syracuse NY, USA
  • Dorsainvil Jean-Claude, Port au Prince, HAITI
  • Egetenmeyer Regina, Mainz, GERMANY
  • Erichsen Elizabeth, Fargo ND, USA
  • Fedeli Monica, Padua, ITALY
  • Fleige Marion, Chemnitz, GERMANY
  • Garuba Ayo, Lapai, NIGERIA
  • Griswold Wendy, Lawrence KS, USA
  • Henschke John, St. Louis MO, USA
  • Holford John, UK
  • Hsiao Yu-Fen, Chia-Yi, TAIWAN
  • Isenberg Susan, Florissant, MO USA
  • Knox Alan, Madison WI, USA
  • Kwapong Olivia, USA
  • Lafont Pascal, FRANCE
  • Lee Ya-Hui, Chia-Yi, TAIWAN
  • Maxillo Bryman, NIGERIA
  • Meniconi Tomas Pizarro, Puerto Montt, CHILE
  • Merill Henry, Avon IN USA
  • Milana Marcella, Copenhagen, DENMARK
  • Mokoele Johannes, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Nesbit Tom, Vancouver, CANADA
  • Nicaise Ides, Leuven, BELGIUM
  • Ogbuehi Chidi, NIGERIA
  • Ojokheta Kester Osegha, Ibadan, NIGERIA
  • Okwakpam Iheanyi Nwokanma, Port Hartcourt, NIGERIA
  • Pariat Marcel, FRANCE
  • Reischmann Jost, Tübingen/Bamberg, GERMANY
  • Risley Lori, Washington, USA
  • Rueffin Sandra, Mainz, GERMANY
  • Sarumi Abideen Abidoye, Ibadan, NIGERIA
  • Schemmann Michael, Giessen, GERMANY
  • Schugurensky Daniel, Tempe AZ, USA
  • Sun Qi, Larami WY, USA
  • Wei Hui-Chuan, Chia-Yi, TAIWAN
  • Yu Chen-Yi, Chia-Yi, TAIWAN

For downloads of the papers, travel information, and photos from the conference point with your mouse left to yellow "More Info".

Program of the conference:

Sat. Nov. 3

Room: Tango

Room: Conga






Opening & welcome

Michal Bron Jr, ISCAE President



Plenary session

Jost Reischmann:

Comparative Research in Adult Education - Typology and Pitfalls



Plenary session

Tom Nesbit & John Holford:

University Continuing Education in Canada and the United Kingdom: A Comparison








Plenary session

Regina Egetenmeyer:

Informal Learning of managers in a multinational company in Germany, Great Britain and Spain: an Intercultural Comparison



Plenary session

Monica Fedeli, Mario Giampaolo, John A. Henschke & Susan Isenberg:

Research on the Use of Learning and Degree Contracts within University Settings in Italy and the USA



Confe­rence practi­calities

information on evening Saturday Nov. 3, evening Sunday Nov. 4 - joint event with CIAE and Monday Nov. 5 dinner



Sun. Nov. 4


Room: Tango

Room: Conga


Parallel session

Ann K. Brooks, Alexis Maston & Pen Bovathana:

Becoming Educated: A Comparison of Womens's Educational Resilience in Poor, Rural Cambodia and Poor, Urban Black America

Michael Schemmann & Josef Schrader:

The concept of "Governance Regimes": A helpful tool for international comparison in adult education?


Parallel session

Qi Sun & Elizabeth Anne Erichsen: Bridging Adult Education between East and West: Critical Reflection and Examination of Western Perspectives on Eastern Reality

Michal Bron Jr:

Non-formal learning - similar settings, divergent cultures. Comparison of Polish and Swedish Environmental NGOs







ISCAE business meeting







Parallel session

Sandra Rueffin: Professional Identity in Adult Education in Germany and North America: Methodological Approach

Marion Fleige:

Art Education in the USA and in Germany. Concepts, Institutions, and Benefits. A Comparison


Parallel session

Mejai Avoseh:

The Freirean "Andragogy" and Orality in Indigenous African Education: A Framework for Comparative Education

Hui-Chuan Wei & Chin-Yun Huang:

Learning Topics Identified by the Middle-aged Groups: Comparison between Two Groups of Chinese People in Singapore and Taiwan






Parallel session

Sarah Alajlan, Obaidalah Aljohani & Elizabeth Anne Erichsen:

Learning the Arabian or the American Way? Negotiating Divergent Pedagogical and Learning Cultures

Lee Ya-Hui, Wei, Hui-Chuan & Yu, Chen-Yi:

Older Adult Education Policies in Taiwan and in China: A Comparative Study


Parallel session

Ides Nicaise:

Adults in formal education: Why do they learn – and does it do them any good? A comparative study of participants in formal adult education in 13 European countries

Ayo Garuba:

Adult Literacy as Social Practice: Some Lessons for Nigeria from Scotland




Pascal Lafont & Marcel Pariat: The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in France, Spain and Italy  




new ISCAE President and Board




Joint Session with CIAE: Welcome, Introductions, and Community Building Reception

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Alan Knox, University of Wisconsin: Questions about Inquiry for International AND Comparative Adult Education