International Society for Comparative Adult Education

Our Conference: November 18 to 20, 2002 St. Louis Mo USA:

Participants of the Conference
This conference brought again together distinguished researchers and scholars on international comparative adult education. 49 reseachers, members and students participated. The above picture shows most of them and was taken at the international reception at the University of Missouri St. Louis.
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Our Conference was held in conjunction with the International Unit of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE), and the International Associates of Adult Education. The conference was followed by the National Adult Education Conference of AAACE, and the Annual Conference of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education.


  • Abou-Rokbah, Eihab H., Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Arthur, Lore, Milton Keynes, UK
  • Bolster, Laurie, Denver CO USA
  • Botsch, Erika, Cleveland OH USA
  • Boucouvalas, Marcie, Falls Church VA USA
  • Brito-Martinez, Lori, Cleveland OH USA
  • Buckner, Marjean, Miami FL USA
  • Chang, Wei-Wen, Madison WI USA
  • Charters, Alexander, Syracuse NY USA
  • Cochran, Judith, St.Louis USA
  • Crawford, Diane, St. Louis USA
  • Donaghy, Bob, Cleveland TN USA
  • Fasand, Steve, Japan Local Government Center New York USA
  • Franks, Lynn, Pristina, Kosovo
  • Gonon, Philipp, Trier Germany
  • Greenland, Annette, Vilonia ArUSA
  • Henschke John A., St. Louis MO USA
  • Jόtte, Wolfgang, Krems Austria
  • Kasai, Hirofumi, Japan Local Government Center New York USA
  • Klapan, Anita, Rijeka Croatia
  • Klunk, Clare, Hanover PA USA
  • Knox, Alan B., Madison WI USA
  • Lavrnja, Ilija, Rijeka Croatia
  • McCall, David, Lovelaceville KY USA
  • McCown, Linda, St. Louis Mo USA
  • McManus, Laurie, St. Louis MO USA
  • Meyers, Beverly, St. Louis MO USA
  • Morris, Roger, Sydney Australia
  • Nessier, Mihaad, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Ralphs, Alan, Bellville South Africa
  • Redding, Terrance R., Palm Beach FL USA
  • Reischmann, Jost, Bamberg Germany
  • Smith, Douglas, Miami FL USA
  • Villamarth, Mariacristina, Potomac MD USA
  • Vrugtman, Rudi, Hazelwood MO USA
  • Wilson, Cleve, Tulsa OK USA
    And the student group from Bamberg Germany:
    Albers Melanie, Eismann Bettina, Kaiser Katrin, Krauss Elke, Pfeifle Sandra, Schenk Sandra, Schmidbauer Nadine, Schuberth Wolfgang, Steil Jessia, Stoessel Joerg, Strobel Reinhard, Weller Nicole, Zimmer Ina

Program of the conference:

Monday, Nov. 18

3 P.M.: Opening
Welcome by Marjean Buckner – Chair, IU/AAACE [Miami, Florida, USA], Jost Reischmann – President, ISCAE [Bamberg, Germany], Marcie Boucouvalas – President, IAAE [Falls Church, Virginia, USA]

Keynote Session: "Key Experts in International and Comparative Adult Education - Personal Accounts and Life-long Experiences". Alexander Charters, USA - Alan Knox, USA - with messages from Colin Titmus, United Kingdom, Joachim Knoll, Germany, Zoran Jelenc, Slovenia. Moderator: Jost Reischmann

4:40 – 5:30 P.M. Concurrent Session # 1

  • Lore Arthur, London, UK: Networking and Intercultural Communication: Post-Modern Challenges for International Comparative Adult Education [ISCAE]
  • Terrance R. Redding, Florida, USA: The Taxonomy for Conflict Prevention and Resolution [IU/AAACE]

5:45 P.M. Meet in Hyatt-Regency Hotel Lobby for Transportation to University of Missouri – St. Louis [UMSL]
6:45 – 7:15 P.M. Regional Center for Education and Work UMSL/RCEW: Technology Demonstration and Explanation
7:15 P.M. Welcome – University of Missouri-St. Louis, College of Education, including Wine and Cheese Reception – Hosted by Dean Charles Schmitz
9 P.M. – Return to Hyatt-Regency Hotel

Tuesday, Nov. 19

7:30 – 7:40 A.M. Greetings and Sign In, etc.
7:40 – 8:30 A.M. Concurrent Session # 2
  • Philipp Gonon, Trier, Germany: The Lifelong Learning Concept in a Comparative Perspective: Germany & Switzerland [ISCAE]
  • Betty B. Ragland, John M. Peters, & Robert Donaghy, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA; and Gloria Latham, Melbourne, Australia: Three Cultures of Teaching and Learning Across Three Continents: USA, Australia, & United Kingdom [ISCAE]
8:40 – 9:30 A.M. Concurrent Session # 3
  • Serguey Zmeyov, Moscow, Russia: Andragogy and the Concept of 'Autoformation' – A Comparison between Russia and France [ISCAE]
  • Laurie McManus, St. Louis, Missouri, USA: Voices from Other Schoolrooms: Interviews with Five Women from Five Countries – India, Peoples' Republic of China, United Kingdom, Jordan, Lithunia/Russia [IU/AAACE]
9:30 – 9:50 A.M. Break
9:50 – 10:40 A.M. Concurrent Session # 4
  • Wei-Wen Chang, Madison, Wisconsin, USA: Dealing with Culture: The Methodology for a Comparative Study in the United States and Taiwan [ISCAE]
  • Duncan, Miranda/McCall, George J., St. Louis, USA: Conflict Resolution Training in South Africa and the United States. [ISCAE]
  • Douglas Smith, Miami, Florida, USA: …..???….. [IU/AAACE]
10:50 – 11:40 A.M. Concurrent Session # 5
  • Clive Wilson, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA: A Comparative Study of the Historical Development of Andragogy and the Formation of Its Scientific Foundation in Germany and the United States, 1833-1999 [ISCAE]
  • Anita Klapan, & Ilija Lavrnja, Rijeka, Croatia: Comparative Analysis of the Adult Education Institutional Network in Croatia and Slovenia [ISCAE]
11:50 – 12:40 P.M. Concurrent Session # 6
  • Roger Morris, Melbourne, Australia: Workers Education Association (WEA) in Australia and New Zealand: A Historical Overview [ISCAE]
  • Speaker's-Corner Meeting Where Researchers Can Launch Any Problem of International & Comparative Adult Education, Especially
  • in the Stage Before Entering a Comparative Research Project. Other Members Will Supply Experienced Support. [IU/AAACE & ISCAE]

12: 45 P.M. Gather in Hyatt-Regency Hotel Lobby. Lunch Together at a Restaurant on our way to Jefferson National Memorial St. Louis Gateway Arch
5 P.M. Return to the Hyatt-Regency Hotel to Prepare for International Banquet
5:45 P.M. Gather in Hyatt-Regency Hotel Lobby for Transportation Banquet
6:30 P.M. International Banquet Hosted by University of Missouri- St. Louis, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Jerry Durham
8:45 P.M. Return to the Hyatt-Regency Hotel

Wednesday, Nov. 20

7:45 – 9 A.M.:
  • Workshop Conducted by Dr. Alan Knox : Adult Education for Public Responsibility – Discussing Rationales for Comparative Research on This Topic in Several National Settings. An Invitation for Collaboration.

9:10 – 10 A.M. Concurrent Session # 7
  • Eihab Hassan Abou-Rokbah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Testing the Validity of the Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale (SDLRS) – Arabic Translation/Interpretation [ISCAE]
  • Derek C. Mulenga, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA: World Bank Policies on Adult Education: New Rhetoric, Same Ideology [IU/AAACE]
  • Speaker's Corner Meeting – Where Researchers Can Launch Any Problem of International & Comparative Adult Education, Especially in the Stage Before Entering a Comparative Research Project. Other Members Will Supply Experienced Support. Possibly by Representatives to the UNESCO Follow-Up Conference & European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) Conference Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria: Marcie Boucouvalas and Rudolf Vrugtman

10 – 10:20 A.M. Break

10:20 – 11:10 A.M. Concurrent Session # 8

  • Peter Jarvis and Collin Griffin, Surrey, UK: An Anthology of Adult Education: The International Comparative Dimension [ISCAE]
  • Linda J. McCown: Comparative Allied Health Programs: USA, Australia, PRC/China, Philippines, Ethiopia, & Eritria [IU/AAACE]

11:20 A.M. – 12:20 P.M. Plans for the Future

  • IU/AAACE – Discussion and Future of the Website and Conferences – Moderator Marjean Buckner
  • ISCAE – Business Meeting with Elections, Location of Next Conference & Other Items – Moderator Jost Reischmann
12:30 – 1:15 P.M. Sharing Between the Groups [IU/AAACE&ISCAE] of their Future Plans with Wrap-Up and Evaluation of the Conference

1:15 P.M. Lunch (On Your Own) and Prepare for the Opening Session of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education [AAACE] Conference Pre-Opening at 2:45 P.M.

3 - 5 P.M. Opening of AAACE-conference

Comparative Adult Education is defined as:

(a) statements about the theory, principles, methods, and other topics of comparative studies related to adult education/andragogy; and,
(b) studies comparing one or more topics on adult education/andragogy in two or more countries. A comparative study needs to extend beyond description and/or a juxtaposition. There must be an analysis and comparison to identify similarities and dissimilarities.

This conference should continue to add to a foundation for our further inquiry: to refine the definitions, the standards, the methods, and the problems as we continue our mutual exploration. Collecting and adding to the knowledge about comparative methodology in adult education was one goal of this third ISCAE-conference; a second goal was sharing and publishing it as a common basis for future research.
Presentations of this meeting and the 2006-conference are documented in Comparative Adult Education 2008 - Experiences and Examples. Edited by Jost Reischmann and Michal Bron, Jr..
Earlier meetings of ISCAE (1995 & 1998) are published in: Comparative Adult Education 1998 - The Contribution of ISCAE to an Emerging Field of Study. Edited by Jost Reischmann, Michal Bron, Jr., and Zoran Jelenc.

The local organization of this conference was done by John A. Henschke. Thank you, John, for the engagement and work you and your helpers invested!

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