International Society for Comparative Adult Education

Our Conference: September 10-12, 1998, Radovljica, Slovenia

Participants of the conference:
  • Beresneviciene, Danguole: Vilnius University of Education, Lithuania
  • Besnard, Pierre: Sorbonne, Paris,France
  • Bogataj, Nevenka: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Boucouvalas, Marcie: Virginia Tech University of Virginia, USA
  • Bron, Michal Jr: University College of South Stockholm, Sweden
  • Charters, Alexander: Syracuse University, USA
  • Charters, Margaret: Syracuse University, USA
  • Choi, Eun-Soo: Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea
  • Cepic, Renata: Faculty of Philosophy, Rijeka, Croatia
  • Emersic, Branka: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Findeisen, Dusana: University for Third Age, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Gerganov, Encho: New Bolgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Henschke, John: University of Missouri, USA
  • Hinzen, Heribert Wilhelm: IIZ DVV-Project Office, Budapest, Hungary
  • Ivancic, Angelca: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jelenc, Natasa Elvira: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jelenc Krasovec, Sabina: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jelenc, Zoran: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Juette, Wolfgang: University of Flensburg, Germany
  • Kalman, Aniko: Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary
  • Krajnc, Ana: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Kulich, Jindra: Vancouver, Canada
  • Kump, Sonja: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Kwan - Chun, Lee: Myong-Ji University College, Seoul, Korea
  • Lakinska Popovska, Divna: University of Skopje, Macedonia
  • Licen, Nives: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Matulcik, Julius: Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Maroti, Andor: Eotvoes Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
  • Mirceva, Jasmina: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Morris, Roger K.: University of Technology/Education, Sydney, Australia
  • Normantes, Edmundas: Ministry of Education and Science, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Pangerc Pahernik, Zvonka: Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Reischmann, Jost: Universitaet Bamberg, Germany
  • Savicevic, Dusan: University of Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia
  • Siddiqui, Dilnawaz: Clarion University, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Skoda, Kamil: Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Toth, Janos Sz.: Hungarian Folk High School Society, Budapest, Hungary
  • Yamaguchi, Makoto: Ryutsu Kenzai University, Kounosu City, Japan
  • Zmeyov, Serguey: Centre for Adult Education, Moscow, Russia


    Program of the conference:

    Thursday Sept. 10
    arrival, evening session

    Friday, September 11
    morning and afternoon sessions, social evening

    Saturday, September 12
    morning session, afternoon: Excursion

    Sunday, September 13
    closing session, departure

    Papers presented at the conference

    • Beresneviciene Danguole: Comparative Study of General Trends and Problems of the Development of Adult Education in Central and Eastern Europe.
    • Besnard Piere: Lifelong Learning: Modern Mysticism (Symbols-Rituals)
    • Bogataj Nevenka: Study Circle Tipics in Slovenia and Sweden
    • Boucouvalas Marcie: On the Meaning of Comparison in Comparative Adult Education
    • Choi Eun-Soo: A Comparative Study of Korean and American Educational Reforms for Promoting Adult Education
    • Cepic Renata: Adult Literacy in the Framefork of Educational Concepts and Social Changes: the Case of Croatia
    • Findeisen Dusana: Condorket's and Krek's Views on Human and Social Development
    • Henschke John: Historical Antecedents Shaping Conceptions of Andragogy: A Comparison of Roots
    • Hinzen Heribert: Comparative Aspects and Co-operative Approach of Adult Education in Hungary, Austria, and Germany
    • Jelenc Sabina: Education for Active Citizenship in a Countries in Transition
    • Jelenc Zoran: National Strategies of Adult Education Development
    • Jütte Wolfgang: The Emergence of the Learning Society – Indicators of an International Rersearch
    • Kalman Aniko:Comparative Analyses of Competency Based Education (CBE) Programs
    • Krajnc Ana: Tendences in Adult Education from Comparative Perspectives
    • Kulich Jindra: Adult Learning in the Nineteenth Century in the Mirror of Novels and Short Stories: A Comparative Study of Leterature in Several European Countries
    • Kwan –Chun Lee: Methodological Issues in Cross – Cultural Study of Adult's Value System between Korea and Australia
    • Maroti Andor: Has Enlightenment Attitude Timeliness in the Postmodern–Era?
    • Matulcik Julius: Comparative Research in Adult Education in Slovakia
    • Morris Roger: Adult Learners Week: Australia and Slovenia: A First Attempt at Comperison
    • Savicevic Dusan: Philosophy of Globalization and its Influences on Comparative Research in Adult Education
    • Siddiqui Dilnawaz: End of Ideology Debate: Implications for Phillosophy of Comparative Adult Education
    • Spolar Vida Mohorcic: The Role and Organization of Adult Eduvation in the Period of Transition
    • Toth Janos Sz.: Folk High Schools in the Hungarian Adult Education System and in the Civil Sector (An Overview and the Perspectives of development in Comparative Context)
    • Yamaguchi Makoto: The Social, Cultural and Economic History in Japanish Adult Learning in the International Contex

    The local organization of this seminar was done by Zoran Jelenc.Thank you, Zoran, for all the love and work you and your helpers invested!

    This book was published including presentations of the 1995-Bamberg- and the 1998-Radlovica-Conference:
    for download

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